CellAntenna International Showcases SCF 2019 Award Winning Mission Critical Rapid Deployment LTE System at 11th Annual AIDF Global Summit in Washington D.C.

ca nib s604

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CellAntenna International Inc. today at the AIDF Global Summit in Washington D.C. showcased the SCF 2019 award winning CA-NiB604, a private LTE 4G solution for Police and Fire Departments worldwide.

The latest innovation in Public Safety communication the CA-NiB604 enables standalone rapid response secure 4G LTE communications for voice, video, and data delivering localized command and control capabilities independent of any commercial cellular communication service.

The team effort by CellAntenna of Coral Springs Florida (USA), WH Bence Coachworks Ltd (UK), Druid Software( IRE), ip.access Limited (UK) and the customer, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service (UK) won the SCF award for Software & Services for Management, Automation, and Orchestration – Critical Communications via Portable LTE Small Cell Network helps Emergency Services save lives and protect the environment (https://www.smallcellforum.org/winners-2019).

Leveraging the power of CA-NiB604 100 watt LTE TDD capability, the system delivers 8 km/5 mi of dedicated, high bandwidth, secure 4G LTE mesh coverage for Emergency Services linking IoT devices including body cameras, radios, and data.

“We are excited to be taking part in the AIDF Global Summit and look forward to the discussion on optimized communications,” stated Howard Melamed, President of CellAntenna International. “As we look to the future, leveraging the power of 4G and 5G wireless technology in Global Aid Operations is critical to deliver remotely secure high bandwidth connectivity required.”

For more information about the CA-NiB604 Mission Critical Rapid Deployment LTE System as well as the company’s full portfolio of Rapid Response Communications Solutions, contact Mike Horvat at (+1) 954-340-7053.