8 Channel 50-6400 MHz SIGNAL GENERATOR WITH OnBoard Selectable Noise Sources

Testing of Receivers, Amplifiers and Filters

Source for Distributed Antenna System Propagation Surveys

Interference Simulation

Key Features:

8 Individually generated Signal Source Channels

Each Signal Source Supports 50-6400 MHz

Adjustable bandwidth up to 40 MHz per channel

3 selectable standard analog noise sources on board

Fully Adjustable Power per Channel from -30 to 0 dBm (Typ)

Small Form Factor (100 x 160 mm)

Low Power Draw (20W @ 10-28VDC)

Product Description:

MGTON BackPack 100m

The SG-01 is a self-contained 8 channel signal generator. The system contains 8 individually controlled signal generators each capable of providing individual signals across a wide frequency range of 50-6400 MHz. The SG-01 has the capability of deploying 3 different on board analog waveforms selectable by the user.

Multiple cards can be stacked together and controlled as a signal source matrix of 8 x n channels . Each channel can provide up to 6 dBm of output power or be combined with our vehicle or back pack amplification systems for larger power levels.

Using a simply CLI supplied interface, each channel can be configured for center frequency, bandwidth ( either CW or 1% of the Frequency) , and output power.

**This product may be subject to U.S.export controls