CellAntenna Delivers Rapid Deployable Virus Blaster UV-C Disinfection Chamber to Fight COVID-19

UVC Virus BlasterCORAL SPRINGS, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CellAntenna Corporation announces availability of its innovative Rapid Deployable Virus Blaster UV-C Chamber used to destroy COVID-19 and other pathogens on PPE equipment, tools, parcels, and office equipment. Leveraging the proven disinfecting power of UV-C light, the Virus Blaster Chamber provides on-site disinfecting capability for nursing homes, police and fire departments, essential businesses and industrial operations. As the United States is re-opening the economy, implementing safe procedures including proper disinfecting capability is a key element to maintaining safe workplaces.

Deemed an Essential Business with mostly hospital customers, CellAntenna searched and could not find disinfecting equipment needed to protect its employees. CellAntenna’s engineers studied the problem and, through innovation, designed and deployed the Virus Blaster Chamber. As a result of their experience, the CellAntenna team turned their efforts to manufacturing the Virus Blaster Chamber for immediate deployment to help fight the COVID-19 Pandemic to benefit other companies.

“CellAntenna through innovation has come up with a solution to protect our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic”, stated Howard Melamed President, “The Virus Blaster Chamber can help companies establish a safe workplace, as they look toward Opening Up America Again.”

The Virus Blaster Chamber has been specifically designed to safely deliver high intensity UV-C lighting 200 times more powerful than the Sun. The system is engineered to meet or exceed recommended dosage to destroy COVID-19, using CDC and FDA guidelines. The 34” cube structure on wheels has close to twenty cubic feet of disinfecting volume, providing ample space to accommodate PPE for a large team, as well as tools, parcels, mail and equipment.

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