CellAntenna to Exhibit at NATIA 2022 July 25-27

June 1,2022 – CellAntenna International Inc., located in Coral Springs Florida, will be exhibiting at NATIA 2022, National Association of Technical Investigator’s , National Training and Exhibition Conference at Louisville Kentucky, July 25-27 .

CellAntenna International Inc, will have on display the MGTRON, a cutting edge new generation of signal generators, ,engineered and manufactured in Coral Springs Florida. CellAntenna intends to showcase its newest innovation,, the CA- COMPANION , a parallel addition to existing ‘Stingray’ type of mobile phone lawful interception systems used by police agencies.

The CA-Companion extends the service life of existing popular Stingray systems currently not supported by the manufacturer. CA-Companion adds a 4G and 5G solution allowing the technical investigator to continue using the existing programming, making the CA-Companion a budget friendly solution.

NATIA is comprised of over 3,500 law enforcement, intelligence, and support personnel who provide electronic surveillance, technical operations, and scientific support for hundreds of federal, military, state, and local agencies across the United States and around the world.

CellAntenna International Inc, a Woman Owned Small Business , manufactures Vehicle and Man-pack amplification systems for lawful mobile phone intercept solutions providing detection, interception and disabling of cell phone communication. Made in the USA, products include Jamming (Export) , PLTE, IMSI catching, signal detection, Mgtron signal generator, CA-Companion. Our experience includes design engineering and installation of Distributed Antenna Systems(DAS) in prisons and secure facilities

Booth #658 – NATIA 2022

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