Certified Professional Installer for CBRS/OnGo


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE) CellAntenna Corporation announced today at the OnGo Initial Commercial Deployment (ICD) Launch event that its DAS Installation Teams are Certified Professional Installer (CPI) for CBRS/OnGo deployments. With multiple teams deployed on both coasts as well as in the central US, the company is positioned to support the buildout of OnGo Certified CBRS networks across the country.

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) offers unprecedented opportunities for applications such as industrial automation and localized secure communications. Additionally, the CBRS band provides the ideal fit for commercial networks to leverage the mid-band spectrum for additional network capacity for 4G and future 5G services. The wireless industry anticipates large scale buildouts of the technology starting in the fourth quarter of 2019 continuing through the next several years.

“The success of CBRS will be driven by the widespread installation of the OnGo Certified technology. The unique operations of CBRS licensing and dynamic sharing of spectrum demand a new level of compliance for installation as well as operations,” said Howard Melamed, President of CellAntenna, “With our team CPI Certified, CellAntenna is ready to support CBRS/OnGo deployments.”

CBRS is the latest technology addition to the CellAntenna end to end Distributed Antenna System (DAS) service portfolio. The company leverages over eighteen years of DAS experience spanning from traditional active and passive systems through to the latest fiber driven small cell architectures including Ericsson’s Radio DOT and SpiderCloud’s Service and Radio nodes. With its CBRS-CPI certification, CellAntenna is now able to install OnGo certified equipment. Whether looking to deploy CBRS for a local private application, or as part of a neutral host solution for the facility, CellAntenna Corporation, an active member of the CBRS Alliance supports the full end to end capabilities from planning and licensing to installation and support.

All of our services are offered on GSA Schedule 47QTCA18D003M.