Site Surveys

We perform Site Surveys at a reasonable cost. We measure signal levels, locate problem areas, and provide for extensive reporting so that you can make the right decision.

Supply of System Components

Upon completion of a custom designed system, we produce a full and complete Bill of Material and detailed report or quotation. When approved by customer by an issued order, we assemble all of the parts required direct from our extensive inventory. We supply all cabling, amplifiers, power dividers, connectors, antennas, and lightning protection all in accordance with the design. We ship the complete package ready for installation including the drawings for assembly and instructions.

Detailed System Design

We use CAD systems to work with your existing plans and overlay our design. We design within the physical and financial constraints given to us. We maintain the integrity of the interior design of the buildings by using antenna fixtures that blend in with the surroundings.

FCC Approved Products:

We only use FCC approved amplifiers that the cellular providers use. (We sell our systems to the major providers and government organizations as well)

Nationwide / Worldwide Installation

Our installation teams and nationwide cabling contractors perform all of our major installations under our supervision. As a US based operation, we have installed our systems in EVERY state, as well as in Canada. Our UK based CA Wireless team can perform installations in EVERY European country. However, if you would like to use your own personnel, we can help coordinate the installation startup, and system testing to ensure that all is being performed according to plan.