Key Features:

Output Power Available from 1 to 400 Watts per band

Wideband (30MHz – 6GHz) with Built In Signal Source Proven Technology


Unlimited Multi-Channel Configurations

ONLY FOR Government Agency Use including Police, Border Patrol , VIP and Prisons

Mobile Phone and RF Control Systems: Proven Track Record.

Man Pack

CellAntenna’s Product Line provides various amplification configurations specifically designed to control wireless communications.

Our systems can be customized for the power, spectrum and environmental requirements needed. We offer a variety of multi-band power configurations OTS, including high power vehicle , medium power mMan-pack and low power drone mountable platforms.

Our system MultiBand Remote Units ( MBRU) are used in prisons and secure buildings using a fibre fed distributed antenna system ( DAS ) fully engineered by our integration team to provide surgical stealth RF Control within government health and safety guidelines.

The items described subject to US Export Control .

Products are offered only to Government Agencies to be used Lawfully.