CA-NIB-S604 PLTE Public Safety

Private LTE 100 watt Band 40 TDD System

Key Features

> Private LTE Complete System
> Supports Band 40 TDD
> MIMO or SISO Operability 100 watts P1db
> Uplink and Downlink Amplification and Filtering
> Rack Mountable
> FDD and Custom Band Configurations Available
> Ideal for Police Command Vehicles

System Description

The CA-NIB-S604-B40-100 is a full Private LTE 100 watt amplification system specifically designed for Band 40 utilized for private networking and cell site simulation purposes. The CA-NIB-S604-B40-100 is specifically designed to provide fully encrypted secure high speed transmissions for independent control of IoT / UE devices. The system can be connected through communication backhaul to cellular carriers, or standalone independence for local area environments.

The CA-NIB-S604-B40-100 uses the latest S60Z SDR from IPAccess™ to provide carrier grade communication broadcasting on Band 40 (optional other bands) combined with CellAntenna’s high power TDD switch. Utilizing the Druid Raemis™ EPC software, the CA-NIB-S604-B40-100 authenticates UE devices with private SIMS independent of commercial network on band 40. The platform is ideal for First Responders removing the subscriber limits of cellular carriers in emergency systems.

The CA-NIB-S604-B40-100 provides average power of 40 dBm low EVM downlink channels which are specifically designed to maximize throughput. The system may be used in a single MIMO configuration, or dual SISO configurations.

2019 award