ALL IN ONE Protection Against Cell Phone Interception

Detects and Notifies
Identifies Rogue BTS’s
Identifies/Prevents Man in the Middle Attacks
3 Cellular Modems
Onboard PC and Touchscreen
Portable with Hot Swappable Batteries

ArrowCell detects and mitigates the presence of an IMSI catcher to ensure awareness of surrounding threats, locates the attackers and disrupts their operation.

Rogue Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) have been a threat to private cellular communication for years, enabling devices to vulnerabilities like eavesdropping, location pinpointing, denial of service and to becoming a weak link in an overarching cybersecurity chain. Despite this fact, the development of methods of protection against them has been lacking. This solution turns the table on the attacker by shifting control to ArrowCell and enabling law enforcement agencies to be proactive against illegal interception.

The advantages of the RF expertise embedded into the design of this product are evident in the sophistication of its capabilities. When ArrowCell alerts its users of interception, it provides detailed technical parameters that allow for educated deduction regarding the attacker. Furthermore, it pinpoints the exact location of the attackers and allows for proactive prevention of the IMSI catcher.