2-Watt Amplification System for SDR Platforms


Key Features:

> Easily Connected to any 2-port (RX/TX) SDR
> Supports EU/US or Custom Mobile Phone Bands
> Supports All Cellular Protocols Including 2G, 3G and 4G
> Fully Adjustable Power from 0-2 Watts Total Output
> Excellent as a Small Cell Amplification Solution
> Uplink filters + LNA Provides Increased Sensitivity
> Downlink Filtered to Eliminate Out of Band Emissions
> Includes Dual Antenna Ports for Maximum Versatility
> Lightweight
> Small Form Factor

The CA-TREX is a self-contained amplification system that connects to any Software Defined Radio (SDR) providing up to 2 watts of output power. Utilizing special filtering, the system supports all frequencies and any of the standard cellular protocols (2G, 3G, 4G). Increased filtering and amplification on the RX portion provides for superior RX sensitivity and RF range. Dual antenna design allows maximum versatility. Designed with a small form factor, the CA-TREX can be easily integrated with virtually any SDR platform.