CA-GDZilla 2.0 SD-RAT

2 x 2 MIMO Amplified 16 Band Pre-Selector for Software Defined Radio or Small Cell Applications

Key Features:

> Standalone Small Cell or RF Front End System Integration

> 95 dB Rx/Tx Isolation, increasing sensitivity

> Boost LTE Output Power of SDR up to +27 dBm

> Excellent as a Small Cell Amplification Solution

> MIMO or Dual Channel SISO Support

> 16 Wireless FDD/TDD Bands per Channel

> Multiple Wireless Protocols Including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

> Micro-controller w/I2C Access to Register-Based API

> 10 Sensors for Power Monitoring and Power Limiting

> Complies with FCC / CE / 3GPP Standards

Product Description:

CellAntenna’s CA-GDZilla 2.0 is a self-contained communications-grade 2 x 2 Amplified 16 Band Pre-Selector providing +27 dBm of LTE output power per channel enhancing any Software Defined Radio (SDR). The system provides up to 60 dB of transmit gain requiring less SDR power output. This reduces TX/RX coupling increasing receive sensitivity. Isolation of 95 dB between RX and TX makes this ideal as a global multi-band small cell for portable deployments.

The CA-GDZilla 2.0 can be deployed as a light weight small cell for drones, man-pack solutions, P-LTE TDD and FDD, and Tactical Communication. Additionally the CA-GDZilla 2.0 supports customized deployment configurations such as high powered vehicle communications systems using multiple SDR radios.