Portable Channel Power Detector

Key Features:

> Detects Channel Power on specific AFRCN Up or Downlink

> Pocket Sized 3 hr operation

> Bluetooth support to set channel and receive data

> Continuous Channel Ping for Directional and Distance capability.

> Adjustable Channel Bandwidth

>Direct Charging through USB

Product Description:

CellAntenna’s CA-MZCL is a self-contained signal power detector designed to produce power measurements in the cellular frequency bands. The system utilizes filter switching to provide filtered power measurements in 8 separate cellular frequency bands with multiple configurations.

The system is controlled through software either wired or wirelessly through Bluetooth where the desired frequency and
bandwidth may be selected for power detection. The system reports the recorded signal levels through an easy to use software API.

The CA-MZCL is light weight and battery powered and intended for portable use for up to 3 hours per fully charged session. The
system also supports external antenna configurations allowing for directional or omnidirectional power measurements .

FrequencyBandCoverage8 Frequency Bands (USA, EU, Custom)
Selectable Input StageNormal, LNA, or 30 dB Attenuator
Size 90 x 140 mm x 25 mm ( Typ.)
Amplitude Resolution0.5 dBm
Dynamic Range-100 dBm to + 10 dBm
Frequency Resolution1 kHz
Max Input Power+20 dBm
Average Noise Floor-95 dBm
Frequency Stability and Accuracy+- 10ppm (typical)
Resolution BandwidthAutomatic 3 KHz to 600 KHz
Power Consumption550 mW max
EnclosurePlastic Or Custom