CellAntenna Announces ARROWCELL : IMSI Catcher Detector to Counter Terrorist and Criminal Hijacking Cell Phones

Louisville, Kentucky, July 25, 2022: CellAntenna International, a wholly owned subsidiary of CellAntenna Corporation located in Coral Springs Florida, announced at the NATIA 2022 Exhibition, announced the latest innovation to counter rogue base stations intercepting legal cell phone communication, the ArrowCell. The breakthrough technology identifies ‘ Stingray’ or IMSI Catching type cell site simulators, used illegally, that pose themselves as actual cellular provider towers, and steals information from the unsuspecting cell phones.

Recent events have brought to light the illegal use of IMSI catchers to intercept communication and glean valuable information from cellphones. Law enforcement agencies legally utilize IMSI Catchers , to track and intercept communication by terrorists and criminals. However, the equipment is readily available for purchase on the Internet or from China, and can make its way into the hands of the very same criminals and terrorists. The use of Stingray equipment by foreign agents to extract data from embassies around the world, track people, and prevent cellular network access by users is widely used. The ARROWCELL identifies situations where this is occurring and reports back this information.

Optional capability allows the ArrowCell to perform countermeasures against any such IMSI catcher attack, disabling the ability of bad actors to acquire any information from cell phones in the targeted area.

“ As part of our expanding product line sold only to government agencies, the ArrowCell represents a significant achievement for our company to secure our public communication network from those that would do us harm “ state Howard Melamed President of CellAntenna International, “ Since we have been active in the IMSI Catcher business for more than 12 years, there is no one that knows better than us on When it comes to Catching and IMSI Catcher “. He added.

CellAntenna has been active in the IMSI Catcher business for more than 12 years, deploying them in prisons around the world to thwart the illegal use of cell phones. Their experience has given rise to ArrowCell adding to their line of specialty RF related Law Enforcement equipment, including the Companion (Stingray addon for 4G and 5G) , and the MGTRON – Portable multichannel Signal Generator and mission critical Auxiliary Power Supply unit. CellAntenna prides themselves that all of their manufactured equipment is MADE IN THE USA .

For more information, contact Mike Horvat at (+1) 954-340-7053 ext 10244 or https://stealthrf.com/arrowcell
About CellAntenna International Inc.

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